Zombies Versus Comicon Published Early

There is a school of thought, espoused on places like LeanPub.com, that authors should, with their books, publish early, and publish often. The idea is that the benefits of getting early reader engagement significantly outweigh the drawbacks of releasing something with imperfections, maybe even a lot of imperfections. Thus, to produce and release a bookContinue reading “Zombies Versus Comicon Published Early”

Zombies Versus Comicon E-Book Published

After two years of languishing in the back of my notes and twelve days of long hours and intense effort, my new novel is here: Zombies Versus Comicon. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in an underground level of the Convention Center, after hours, unable to communicate with theContinue reading “Zombies Versus Comicon E-Book Published”