WIP: Geared Up for the Challenge

Let’s get this thing rolling. Thursday Another regular day. Did my morning routine, did some work. Wednesdays are the short days at my daughter’s school, and we were by ourselves again for the afternoon and evening, so that time did not go to writing. In the evening, however, I was able to get some workContinue reading “WIP: Geared Up for the Challenge”

WIP: What Comes Next

Any day with a new book out is freaking awesome. Tuesday Working late to get Angel of Death into the publishing queues caused my morning to be late. One of my missions this week is to begin getting up at 6:00 no matter what happens. I did my morning routine, then spent a lot ofContinue reading “WIP: What Comes Next”

WIP: Much Better Day

Eventually, work on a project comes to an end. Today was one of those days. Monday Arose early because school day, morning routine, the usual. Spent the quiet hours writing new material, though not as quickly as I need to. Picked up the little girl, dinner, bath, stories. In the evening, I worked on gettingContinue reading “WIP: Much Better Day”

WIP: Saturdays Are Still Draining

Sure, I make it look easy, but it’s hard work. 🙂 Saturday Got up early again, so that is coming in nicely. Did my full morning routine, including a 1-mile walk along the canal. Sweet! Then, should have gotten a lot of work done, but didn’t. Went to run a poker tournament at noon, cameContinue reading “WIP: Saturdays Are Still Draining”

WIP: Headed To A New Normal

Seem to be on track: progress every day. Friday Began with the new usual: morning routine, got the little girl off to school. Managed to get back into Vampires Versus Comicon, which was nice. In the afternoon, we had an early dinner, then I went off to my regular business/marketing meeting, which turned into aContinue reading “WIP: Headed To A New Normal”

WIP: Lots of Upgrades

The great migration ended, and the upgrades begin. Thursday When I stopped last night, my website had gone from a regular page down to a blank page, and then down to no response at all. So, my priority in the morning was to get that fixed. Thanks to the good techs at DreamHost, that wentContinue reading “WIP: Lots of Upgrades”

WIP: The Great Migration

Budgeted: one hour. Spent: wow. Wednesday Again arose early-ish and did my morning routine. I’m pretty sure that would work better if I could turn the corner and fully work my morning plan. Rising “early-ish” seems to take away at least two hours of good productivity every day. I will change that this week. BecauseContinue reading “WIP: The Great Migration”

WIP: Preparing A Proper Launch

I need to amp things up. Tuesday Up early-ish, still working toward morning-person status. Tried to migrate my website to a new host, a process which took much longer than necessary and ultimately still did not work. Finally got some good work done to launch Angel of Death. Went to play in a poker tournament.Continue reading “WIP: Preparing A Proper Launch”