WIP: Sunday, Better Sunday

When the standard has become no forward movement on the weekends, even a little progress feels like a great day. Sunday Got the day to a good start. Went to Sunday School orientation at UUCP. Visited my parents. Got some work done. Ran a poker tournament. Relaxed. To bed early. Prepared for good week. VampiresContinue reading “WIP: Sunday, Better Sunday”

WIP: I Can Make Saturdays Better

Many of my problems have the same solution. Saturday Rose early and got my morning routine done. Wasn’t early enough to get real work done, however. Immediately we were off to Elizabeth’s soccer thing orientation, then off to Standing Rock solidarity thing at Wesley Bolen Park. Then I was off to run poker. Afterward, IContinue reading “WIP: I Can Make Saturdays Better”

WIP: Back In Action

That. Was. Painful. Wednesday to Wednesday I haven’t posted here in over eight days. And, my website said “Scheduled Maintenance” for a solid week. A little explanation may be in order. In ramping up to my current challenge and looking ahead to the future, I realized two weeks ago that I want to keep myContinue reading “WIP: Back In Action”

WIP: Simplicity Again (Redux)

Every once in a while, I look around and think, how did I get here? Monday Late night, tired morning. Need to fix that. It was my daughter’s first day of half kindergarten, half first grade. I got a lot of good work (I think) in during the day, then spent well over two hoursContinue reading “WIP: Simplicity Again (Redux)”

WIP: Not A Great Day

If I were writing a story, an excellent Thursday would be followed by a Friday of challenges. Weird how life imitates art. Friday The morning was good, but not great. I took time from writing to go to the coffee with the principal event at my daughter’s school. That was nice, but not productive. AndContinue reading “WIP: Not A Great Day”

WIP: A Fantastic Day

This was a day I’ll want to remember. Thursday We all had to get up earlier than usual because my daughter’s kindergarten teacher had requested a meeting with my wife and me—and the principal. Because she had requested the meeting with “… as you know, your daughter is very advanced academically …”, we weren’t worriedContinue reading “WIP: A Fantastic Day”