WIP: Surely (But Slowly)

And so it continues… Friday Daughter to school. Morning routine. Blah, blah, work. Blah, blah, marketing meeting. Dinner, home, tired, slept early. Vampires Versus Comicon Another typical day. Got some words, but not enough. Another bit character wants to take on a bigger role, and probably will. Plus, I think we’re about to meet someContinue reading “WIP: Surely (But Slowly)”

WIP: Still Not Fast Enough

If it wasn’t for those deadlines, I would be doing okay. Thursday Got my daughter off to school, then took a two-mile walk along the canal. Morning routine, some food, then got some work done. Unreasonably distracted looking for a better theme for my website, an unproductive waste of time that I wish I couldContinue reading “WIP: Still Not Fast Enough”

WIP: Making This Interesting

To be clear, the work is going forward, just not as quickly as I would like. Wednesday Started the day with my morning routine, then had to stop everything for a doctor appointment. Didn’t get properly to work until around noon. Working didn’t last long, however, because Wednesdays are early-release days at the local schools,Continue reading “WIP: Making This Interesting”

WIP: Where. Are. The. Vampires?

Okay, so I’m way behind. Again. Tuesday It was pretty much a new-normal day: start with morning routine, take the little girl to the school bus, work, lunch, work, get the little girl, homework, dinner, bath, more work. Except also with a major grocery run in there. Vampires Versus Comicon I did not get theContinue reading “WIP: Where. Are. The. Vampires?”

WIP: Kick The Tires

After a long rough patch, a day with only the acceptable minimum feels like flying. Monday Started the day with my miracle morning routine, including a long walk by the canal. Got to work and stayed with it. Went to get my daughter, then spent the next five hours on homework, dinner, and bath (IContinue reading “WIP: Kick The Tires”