WIP: Back In Action

That. Was. Painful. Wednesday to Wednesday I haven’t posted here in over eight days. And, my website said “Scheduled Maintenance” for a solid week. A little explanation may be in order. In ramping up to my current challenge and looking ahead to the future, I realized two weeks ago that I want to keep myContinue reading “WIP: Back In Action”

WIP: Lots of Upgrades

The great migration ended, and the upgrades begin. Thursday When I stopped last night, my website had gone from a regular page down to a blank page, and then down to no response at all. So, my priority in the morning was to get that fixed. Thanks to the good techs at DreamHost, that wentContinue reading “WIP: Lots of Upgrades”

WIP: The Great Migration

Budgeted: one hour. Spent: wow. Wednesday Again arose early-ish and did my morning routine. I’m pretty sure that would work better if I could turn the corner and fully work my morning plan. Rising “early-ish” seems to take away at least two hours of good productivity every day. I will change that this week. BecauseContinue reading “WIP: The Great Migration”

WIP: Ending and Beginning

Saturday I spent the morning working on my website, making sure all the pieces were in place after the move (they weren’t). By the time I got done, it was sleek and fast and literally better than ever before. Pressable is turning out to be an excellent host with excellent value. There are some thingsContinue reading “WIP: Ending and Beginning”

WIP: Bradbury’s Wings and Chekhov’s Gun

Friday In the morning, my daughter kept my parents entertained for me, and I got some good work in. In the afternoon, I got more good work in, then she took a nap, which let me get even more good work in. In the evening, we went to an art show at Puente (yes, theContinue reading “WIP: Bradbury’s Wings and Chekhov’s Gun”

WIP: I’d Be Embarrassed

Thursday My daughter is a wonderful little person, and I love spending days with her. She is so smart and creative. She’s awesome! And I got to spend all of today with her again. I’m so lucky. (Not being sarcastic.) Almost my entire working day was sucked up trying to get the managed WordPress siteContinue reading “WIP: I’d Be Embarrassed”

WIP: I Stepped In It This Time

Wednesday Again I spent the day with my daughter. Soon she will be in school every day, and I will miss her. I didn’t get much done during the day, but it wasn’t her fault. Managed WordPress At the web host I’ve had for a long time, my WordPress website currently loads in 6-10 seconds.Continue reading “WIP: I Stepped In It This Time”

Writing In Public: Day 20

Saturday, February 20: Clearing the deck Today I did the work to migrate the presentation of my books to the MyBookTable plugin. I thought it would be the work of an hour. I was way off. Business: The Big Migration The actual practice of presenting a collection of books is more complicated than it seemsContinue reading “Writing In Public: Day 20”