99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out

To celebrate the end of spring and the arrival of summer, this week ending Sunday, June 28th, I’m having a blow-out sale, with all my books available for 99 cents each. What a deal! And with their elegant new covers, they’re going like hot-cakes would if you slapped elegant new covers on them and markedContinue reading “99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out”

The Desert King Is Free Saturday and Sunday

Recipe for The Desert King: Take one part crazy, artsical bartender. Add equal parts mystical desert rat, duncical fisherman, bitchical wife, and beautiful one-night-standical girl. Mix together in bouncy pickup truck until ingredients become angry and separate. In another container, put one desperatical girl, two evil poachers, one faceless henchman, a bitical black dog, andContinue reading “The Desert King Is Free Saturday and Sunday”

That Crazy Jack

I’m making good progress on the line edits for The Dancing Queen, and that has me thinking about the future. The Dancing Queen will complete the first three books featuring Jack Trexlor. After this book, I will be blasting out a super-secret trilogy as fast as I can, hopefully in no more than one month.Continue reading “That Crazy Jack”

My Print Books Going Out Of Print

As I wrote before, I’m cultivating a new, radical simplicity for my writing (and my life, but that’s another matter). With that, I’ve decided to focus for the time being on e-books. I’m about to reveal new, streamlined e-book editions of my existing books, as well as all-new books. One great thing about e-books isContinue reading “My Print Books Going Out Of Print”

The Desert King Now On Kindle

The Desert King, my novel of dark adventure in the bright Arizona desert, is now available in a fine Kindle edition. And for now, it joins the ranks of the other books clamoring for attention at 99 cents—a fantastic bargain! And for those who want their books in paper editions, print edition of The DesertContinue reading “The Desert King Now On Kindle”