WIP: Wipeout Day

Friday I spent most of the day, starting in the early morning, making the arrangements for our possible move. It was stressful and exhausting, and it completely blew apart my writing schedule. Writing: Spring Rains I am not happy that I got nothing done on this today. I need to get better at overcoming obstacles.Continue reading “WIP: Wipeout Day”

WIP: Upgrades Looking Good

Wednesday As usual, when it came time to make the changes I’ve been planning, I became mired in self-doubt. I was eventually able to push through it. Between that and things always taking longer than they seem like they will, it was a long day. In the end, however, things were looking good. Writing: SpringContinue reading “WIP: Upgrades Looking Good”

WIP: Feeling Momentum

Tuesday The better it gets, the better it gets. The more things are improved, the more the things that are not improved look like they need improvement. The more of them are improved, the shabbier the unimproved look. And so it continues. Writing: Spring Rains I got in productive sessions both early in the dayContinue reading “WIP: Feeling Momentum”

Writing In Public: Day 20

Saturday, February 20: Clearing the deck Today I did the work to migrate the presentation of my books to the MyBookTable plugin. I thought it would be the work of an hour. I was way off. Business: The Big Migration The actual practice of presenting a collection of books is more complicated than it seemsContinue reading “Writing In Public: Day 20”

Writing In Public: Day 19

Friday, February 19: Upgrades continued Again today I used the main part of my time for doing the important business of the day. I fully recognize that I need to stop doing that. Hopefully, after today’s breakthroughs, I will be able to. Business: Upgrades: New them, old plugin Again today upgrades took up most ofContinue reading “Writing In Public: Day 19”

Writing In Public: Day 17

Wednesday, February 17: New schedule Today I’m making a shot at my power formula: Eye opener, morning routine, daily words, lunch, daily business, daily exercise, dinner, evening routine, nightcap. Hopefully with any needed boost to both words and publishing in there somewhere. Writing: Spring Rains It was a great day for Spring Rains. All theContinue reading “Writing In Public: Day 17”