WIP: Flexible Schedule Thoughts

Monday Another day, another challenge. My plan for a rigid daily schedule has not been working out at all. In fact, I’m starting to believe it’s better to have a production plan that fits into any available space, so that a broken schedule doesn’t blow up the day. Still, I find the arguments that aContinue reading “WIP: Flexible Schedule Thoughts”

WIP: More Words, Another Book

Thursday Continued my experiments with child care. As with everything else, things get better all the time. In the evening we went to a nice dinner. I was very tired afterward, took a long nap, then got some good writing done. Writing: New Novelette I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a minimalContinue reading “WIP: More Words, Another Book”

WIP: New Phase

Monday We’ve entered a new phase, post-preschool but pre-kindergarten. New challenges. New opportunities. The Day Yesterday we went to a chain pizza restaurant for a five-year-old’s birthday party. Today we awoke to find my daughter with one eye crusty, itchy, and pink. Coincidence? Maybe. So, that’s what happened to the morning. In the afternoon, weContinue reading “WIP: New Phase”

WIP: Tasks Organized

Thursday Some good work done today. Writing: Spring Rains Yesterday’s decisions freed the writing, and good progress was made today. Not quite pulp speed, but getting there. Upgrading I got my daily and weekly business tasks organized how I like them, in a simple text file. This is great progress, because I’ve been unable toContinue reading “WIP: Tasks Organized”