WIP: Turning A Corner

Friday I had my daughter with me all day, a situation that I love, but which does not lend itself to high-concentration work. In the afternoon, I did have my regular marketing meeting, where I reviewed and refined my summer marketing plans, which should be awesome. Unfortunately, it was another unproductive day for Spring Rains.Continue reading “WIP: Turning A Corner”

WIP: Getting Back in the Groove

Tuesday In many classically-structured stories, as soon as the protagonist decides to take on the central problem of the story, a mighty force immediately arises to oppose his efforts. Today was kind of like that. With my goals announced, I drove my daughter across town to spend the day with her grandmother, giving me manyContinue reading “WIP: Getting Back in the Groove”

WIP: Aura of Inevitability

Friday My morning was tied up with some family responsibilities, but my afternoon was wide open. I should probably focus on one project at a time, but either they have achieved sentience and won’t leave me alone or I don’t have that kind of discipline. Actually, it’s neither. I believe it is wrong to waitContinue reading “WIP: Aura of Inevitability”