WIP: Back In Action

That. Was. Painful. Wednesday to Wednesday I haven’t posted here in over eight days. And, my website said “Scheduled Maintenance” for a solid week. A little explanation may be in order. In ramping up to my current challenge and looking ahead to the future, I realized two weeks ago that I want to keep myContinue reading “WIP: Back In Action”

WIP: Simplicity Again (Redux)

Every once in a while, I look around and think, how did I get here? Monday Late night, tired morning. Need to fix that. It was my daughter’s first day of half kindergarten, half first grade. I got a lot of good work (I think) in during the day, then spent well over two hoursContinue reading “WIP: Simplicity Again (Redux)”

WIP: Thinking Static (Again)

It feels like progress, but I have this nagging feeling that I’m spinning my wheels. Friday You have heard this one before: miracle morning, then spent the entire day and most of the night looking into migrating my website away from WordPress to a static system. The thing is, having my website on WordPress costsContinue reading “WIP: Thinking Static (Again)”

WIP: Thinking Clearly

Not much done, but something that feels like a breakthrough. Thursday Pretty standard day: miracle morning, a little work done, business/marketing meeting, dinner, then very tired, sleep early(-ish). I didn’t get much done on Vampires Versus Comicon, but in my regular business/marketing meeting I felt a moment of clarity. Most of the meeting went prettyContinue reading “WIP: Thinking Clearly”

Embracing Radical Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity is complicated. For a long time, I’ve been trying to simplify my affairs, including my writing process. Somewhere along the way, it seemed that the simplest route for my writing was for me to do all the things I could, which meant the writing of course, and also creating covers, creating the ebooks,Continue reading “Embracing Radical Simplicity”