WIP: Friday Spinning Wheels

Hey, wow—a shiny thing. Friday There are books that I have written but not published. For a long time, I’ve thought of making them public. This week, I came up with a really good reason to publish them and more like them, and I could do it soon. It would mean some changes to theContinue reading “WIP: Friday Spinning Wheels”

WIP: Where. Are. The. Vampires?

Okay, so I’m way behind. Again. Tuesday It was pretty much a new-normal day: start with morning routine, take the little girl to the school bus, work, lunch, work, get the little girl, homework, dinner, bath, more work. Except also with a major grocery run in there. Vampires Versus Comicon I did not get theContinue reading “WIP: Where. Are. The. Vampires?”

WIP: What Comes Next

Any day with a new book out is freaking awesome. Tuesday Working late to get Angel of Death into the publishing queues caused my morning to be late. One of my missions this week is to begin getting up at 6:00 no matter what happens. I did my morning routine, then spent a lot ofContinue reading “WIP: What Comes Next”