The Dancing Queen On Sale Tuesday Through Monday

The book of the week is The Dancing Queen. As I wrote last week, a thread of conflict hinted at in The Desert King, whose origin was examined in the prequel The Crazy Jack, finds closure in The Dancing Queen. That thread (Jack’s relationship with Penny, via his conflict with his father) is one ofContinue reading “The Dancing Queen On Sale Tuesday Through Monday”

The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Wednesday Thru Tuesday

When I was planning The Desert King, I decided to make the protagonist a guy I had developed for a different story, Jack Trexlor. Later, when I started writing the story that became The Dancing Queen, I let Jack in that one as well. However, when I was at the end of The Dancing Queen,Continue reading “The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Wednesday Thru Tuesday”

Zombies Versus Comicon 99 Cents Today Through December 29th

If you need a break from the holiday stress, or if you got a new Kindle and you need something good to read, or if you just want to take a fun little break, you’ll be happy to know that Zombies Versus Comicon, my rollicking story of brain-hungry zombies attacking a bunch of nerds atContinue reading “Zombies Versus Comicon 99 Cents Today Through December 29th”

Second Wind 99 Cents Until 2016

I’m adding some short stories as permafree, so I’ve decided to discount my anthology Second Wind to 99 cents for the rest of the year. This book is not part of Amazon’s KDP Select, so this might be the only time the book is available at this price. Get it while you can! Amazon |Continue reading “Second Wind 99 Cents Until 2016”

The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Through Monday

Today brings the second half of this week’s “two-fer” promotion, The Crazy Jack. It’s like angst and noir had a baby, named him Jack, and threw him off a cliff. Then he climbed back up, screamed at the world, and picked up a knife and a blow torch. Get it for 99 cents through MondayContinue reading “The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Through Monday”

Bibliomania 99 Cents Today and Tomorrow

Bibliomania, my novelette about a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed and DRM is mandatory, is 99 cents today and tomorrow at Amazon. It’s nearing the end of its term in KDP Select, and it may not be available at this sale price again for a long time, if ever, so make sure youContinue reading “Bibliomania 99 Cents Today and Tomorrow”

99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out

To celebrate the end of spring and the arrival of summer, this week ending Sunday, June 28th, I’m having a blow-out sale, with all my books available for 99 cents each. What a deal! And with their elegant new covers, they’re going like hot-cakes would if you slapped elegant new covers on them and markedContinue reading “99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out”