WIP: Upgrades Looking Good

Wednesday As usual, when it came time to make the changes I’ve been planning, I became mired in self-doubt. I was eventually able to push through it. Between that and things always taking longer than they seem like they will, it was a long day. In the end, however, things were looking good. Writing: SpringContinue reading “WIP: Upgrades Looking Good”

WIP: Feeling Momentum

Tuesday The better it gets, the better it gets. The more things are improved, the more the things that are not improved look like they need improvement. The more of them are improved, the shabbier the unimproved look. And so it continues. Writing: Spring Rains I got in productive sessions both early in the dayContinue reading “WIP: Feeling Momentum”

Embracing Radical Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity is complicated. For a long time, I’ve been trying to simplify my affairs, including my writing process. Somewhere along the way, it seemed that the simplest route for my writing was for me to do all the things I could, which meant the writing of course, and also creating covers, creating the ebooks,Continue reading “Embracing Radical Simplicity”

Record Company Accounting Coming To Publishing

Bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith has raised an interesting warning about how agents might be turning on authors and bring to publishing the kind of record company accounting that has long been the bane of musicians. His advice for avoiding this minefield: Do it yourself. Yes, you might have to learn a few new things,Continue reading “Record Company Accounting Coming To Publishing”