WIP: Thinking Static (Again)

It feels like progress, but I have this nagging feeling that I’m spinning my wheels. Friday You have heard this one before: miracle morning, then spent the entire day and most of the night looking into migrating my website away from WordPress to a static system. The thing is, having my website on WordPress costsContinue reading “WIP: Thinking Static (Again)”

WIP: Thinking Clearly

Not much done, but something that feels like a breakthrough. Thursday Pretty standard day: miracle morning, a little work done, business/marketing meeting, dinner, then very tired, sleep early(-ish). I didn’t get much done on Vampires Versus Comicon, but in my regular business/marketing meeting I felt a moment of clarity. Most of the meeting went prettyContinue reading “WIP: Thinking Clearly”

WIP: Heeding Warnings

I’ve decided on significant changes to cope with Friday’s revelations about Amazon. Will they be enough? Sunday I can’t say enough good about the Miracle Morning routine. The day started out with some lounging, then a trip to my parents’ place to say “Happy Father’s Day!”. In the evening, I went to run a pokerContinue reading “WIP: Heeding Warnings”

WIP: Still At A Loss

It was a typical Saturday, except for all the worrying about Amazon. Saturday The Miracle Morning routine still feels like a great thing. I went to run a poker tournament in the afternoon, and that was a fun distraction. In the evening, I turned my attention back to my work. I accomplished nothing significant, however.Continue reading “WIP: Still At A Loss”

WIP: Sudden Second Thoughts

I was supposed to be relaunching Facebook ads. Then I saw something that scared the hell out of me. Friday Another late start, another Miracle Morning. Good stuff. Then I actually spent most of the day reexamining my tools and process decisions from three months ago, because I noticed a few things: I don’t actuallyContinue reading “WIP: Sudden Second Thoughts”

WIP: Refreshing Bibliomania

Marketing meeting and tedious changes added up to low productivity, but on the bright side, new Bibliomania! Thursday As has become usual, I started my day with the Miracle Morning routine, and it felt great. We had to leave early for my regular business/marketing meeting, which was also great as always, so I didn’t getContinue reading “WIP: Refreshing Bibliomania”

WIP: Changes Going Forward

Friday I had my regular marketing meeting today, and it was productive as always. I talked out the changes I have in mind for this website, and it all seems like a good idea. Over the weekend I plan to evaluate the options and perhaps to take the first steps to set up the infrastructureContinue reading “WIP: Changes Going Forward”

WIP: Business and Spring Rains Reimagined

Thursday Wow. The business part of my writing business got pretty shaken today. What started as a reasonably simple idea to host my own reviews has really caused me to reconsider my business and website. I’ve realized that many of the assumptions I’ve been using to decide what to do are no longer valid. Times,Continue reading “WIP: Business and Spring Rains Reimagined”

WIP: Sidetracked … By Freedom of Speech

Wednesday In the morning, following through the momentum that started with looking into hosting own reviews, I got sidetracked looking into self-hosting my mailing list and adding the option of hosting my own sales. It wasn’t entirely a sidetrack. You could say that it is an essential thing to nail down before I move forward.Continue reading “WIP: Sidetracked … By Freedom of Speech”

WIP: Wipeout Day

Friday I spent most of the day, starting in the early morning, making the arrangements for our possible move. It was stressful and exhausting, and it completely blew apart my writing schedule. Writing: Spring Rains I am not happy that I got nothing done on this today. I need to get better at overcoming obstacles.Continue reading “WIP: Wipeout Day”