WIP: Preparing A Proper Launch

I need to amp things up. Tuesday Up early-ish, still working toward morning-person status. Tried to migrate my website to a new host, a process which took much longer than necessary and ultimately still did not work. Finally got some good work done to launch Angel of Death. Went to play in a poker tournament.Continue reading “WIP: Preparing A Proper Launch”

WIP: Better Sunday

Another day of progress toward the goal. Maybe I’ll get there. Sunday Up early-ish again. Morning routine, some good work, visited my parents, some more good work, ran a poker tournament, tired, to bed early-ish. I’d say that I’m getting closer to my early rising goal, except that I had a conversation with a friendContinue reading “WIP: Better Sunday”

WIP: Commitment and Gut Check

Decision, meet Gut Check. Friday Got a little extra rest today, so at least I didn’t feel exhausted all day. I went to my regular meeting in the afternoon, which ran long because we couldn’t stop rehashing the Trump meltdown and I couldn’t stop raving about Hamilton. By today, I had made the decision (again)Continue reading “WIP: Commitment and Gut Check”

WIP: Still Struggling

If I understand it correctly, days like this is why my hero recommends not doing writing in public posts. He may have a point. Thursday Another day of getting up on schedule, but feeling dead tired all day because I’m not acclimated yet. I’ll get it under control. Unfortunately, there is no part of writingContinue reading “WIP: Still Struggling”

WIP: It’s That Time Again

Happy birthday to me! Wednesday Did the new regular-school-day morning, but it wasn’t a very productive day. I was tired during the work hours due to trouble adjusting to the new schedule. School gets out early on Wednesdays, and I’m planning those afternoons for special projects for Elizabeth and me. Today we made a birthdayContinue reading “WIP: It’s That Time Again”

WIP: Kindergarten Arrives

This was the day I’ve been dreaming of—and fearing. Monday I rose early in the morning, almost at my target time. Did my miracle morning routine, then stopped everything to get my little girl off to her first day of kindergarten. It was seven years ago that I left a good-paying job to pursue full-timeContinue reading “WIP: Kindergarten Arrives”

WIP: Proofreading and New Plugin

Things were going pretty well, then I checked my e-mail and things went awesome. Wedesday The waking up early part isn’t working for me, but the Miracle Morning routine is. It brings a clarity and focus and kickstart to my days that’s really amazing. At night, I’m finding myself eager to get to sleep, andContinue reading “WIP: Proofreading and New Plugin”