WIP: Unstressing

Perfect production plan + workable schedule = unstoppable success. Tuesday After mapping out production plans of various daily hours over various spans of days on Monday, I spent much of today considering how to fit my book projects into my available time. The schedule I came up with is crazy impossible under the limiting beliefsContinue reading “WIP: Unstressing”

WIP: Monday Reassessing

Here starts the last week of the second quarter of 2016. Time to get serious. Monday Can you believe it? This is the last week of the first half of 2016. Wow! Just when I was getting used to it, it’s half gone! Faster every year, I tell you. I’ve missed a lot of goalsContinue reading “WIP: Monday Reassessing”

WIP: Wow, What A Day

None of my plans for the day worked out. But, something even better happened. Saturday With my wife and daughter across town for a play date, I had time to work on my stuff. There was some real work I wanted to get done, but first I wanted to address the nagging feeling I’ve hadContinue reading “WIP: Wow, What A Day”