WIP: Clearing The Decks

I know what I need to know. It's go time. Saturday Mostly, it was a typical Saturday of Miracle Morning, running a poker tournament in the early afternoon, then trying to get some work done in the evening. However, one thing made it stand out: For a long time, I've been looking for the information … Continue reading WIP: Clearing The Decks

WIP: Tired of Walking

Friday At this point, I can safely declare my daytime productivity setup a proven failure. Today continued the dismal trend. I hope I can find a solution soon. In the afternoon, I did have a good meeting about marketing, but it is empty without production. And in the evening, any hope of playing catchup was … Continue reading WIP: Tired of Walking

WIP: On The Brink

Thursday So, my current daytime productivity plans have not proven very good, and today they were even less productive. For a while we have been trying to move to downtown (actually, uptown) Phoenix. It has looked lately as though the plans were not going to come together, but all that changed again today. I got … Continue reading WIP: On The Brink

Writing In Public: Day 20

Saturday, February 20: Clearing the deck Today I did the work to migrate the presentation of my books to the MyBookTable plugin. I thought it would be the work of an hour. I was way off. Business: The Big Migration The actual practice of presenting a collection of books is more complicated than it seems … Continue reading Writing In Public: Day 20