Angel of Death Released

Ready To Read: Angel of Death

 [Cover of Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] At long last, I’m very happy to announce that Angel of Death is available to read and enjoy. And unlike previous releases, I’m “going wide” with this one. It is already available at Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords, and it will soon go live at Barnes and Noble, Apple’s iBooks, and more.

Angel of Death continues the story of Victor Storm after the events in Winter Kills. Here, Victor is trying to get his life back. He’s working on getting help for his PTSD, helping to settle his parents’ estate, finding a new home for himself, and taking classes to figure things out. Unfortunately, he’s also looking for trouble. And finding it.

If you liked Winter Kills, you’ll like Angel of Death.

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Discounted This Week

To celebrate the release of Angel of Death for my best fans, I’m pricing it at $2.99 for the rest of this week. I’m embracing Dean Wesley Smith’s pricing philosophy, and the regular price for this book will be $5.99, and it’s certainly worth every penny of that, but get it now at half price!

Q and A

Q. Do I have to read Winter Kills before I read Angel of Death?

A. No, but why not read both? Angel of Death makes reference to things that will be small spoilers if you haven’t read Winter Kills, but either can stand alone just fine. If you are going to read both, buy them now before the prices go up, and read Winter Kills first, because it’s shorter.

Q. Why is this book set in St. Louis?

A. When I traveled across the country by bus (several times), I loved the old St. Louis Greyhound station. Later, when I wanted my vigilante hero to be a reasonable bus ride from anywhere, St. Louis seemed like the perfect place where he would be.

Q. How long will it be until the next Victor Storm story comes out?

A. I’m not sure, but I think I already know what happens in it, so as soon as I run out of more important projects (5-7 from now), it may be next. That sounds like a long time, but it is supposed to be later this year. It should be no longer than next year.

Q. Do you know that no philosophy class would ever be like the one in the book?

A. The philosophy class in the book is not far from classes I have taken. The fundamental problem with the study of ethics sounds like something you’d hear at a bar—and you might—but it’s a well-understood problem nonetheless.

Q. What do I do if I like it?

A. Well, sending me a note saying so would be nice. I don’t get enough of those. More importantly, though, you should write a nice review (it doesn’t have to be long) and post it where you bought it to help like-minded readers find it. Then, tell all your friends.

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Long Way Home Is Published and 99 Cents This Week

Now Live: Long Way Home

 [Cover of Long Way Home: A Ficlet Novelette by T.F. Torrey] I’m super pleased to announce that Long Way Home is now available at

Long Way Home tells the story of a middle-aged man who skips out on his life and goes east to try to reconnect with the past he left behind. It is literary fiction about life, grown older, potential and opportunities, regret, and redemption.

The story is unique in that each scene is a ficlet, which is a unit of of fiction no more that 1024 characters, about 200 words. That doesn’t mean it’s not a full story, though. It has 52 scenes across 24 chapters in 4 parts. Each scene is boiled to its essence, but that doesn’t mean the book itself isn’t full and satisfying.

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An Amazon Exclusive

For now, Long Way Home is enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program. That means members of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program can read it for free.

99 Cents This Week

To celebrate the release of Long Way Home for my best fans, I’m pricing it at 99 cents this week. You’d be crazy not to!

Praise for T.F. Torrey’s Ficlets

Beautifully written and an interesting perspective….
Storykeeper of Fae

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Very unique point of view. Awesome!

Wow! This is beautifully written and so descriptive!! It’s wonderful!

Amazing descriptions and point of view. Great!

What a gorgeous ficlet! Beautifully done.
Batak Beatrix

Brilliance in the form of a ficlet!
Laine the Grey

… it’s incredible how much story you’ve packed into just 1024 characters.
♠Ana Cristina♥

Wow, that was simply brilliant.
Laine the Grey

I first read this one a few weeks ago and it still haunts me.
Metaphoric Spurs

Terrific ending and great writing…. A tale well told.

I loved this! Too funny. =)
♠Ana Cristina♥

Q and A

Q. So, this says “ficlet” and “novelette”, does that mean it’s a short story?

A. No. A novelette is a full-length work of fiction between 10 and 20 thousand words long. This one is 10,358 words long. It is a complete story that could be a movie, with lots of characters, actions, events, subplots, and the rest you’d expect to find in a novel.

Q. So, are the scenes short stories?

A. No, they are scenes in a full-length work of fiction.

Q. Is this book made from ficlets you wrote before for or somewhere?

A. No, this is a completely new and (hopefully) original story.

Q. Why don’t the characters have names?

A. At first it was a practical choice to try to keep the character count low, but it became a stylistic choice because I liked the idea that readers would fill in names from people in their own experience.

Q. The main character has a lot of details similar to yours. Is this book about you?

A. No. A “trick” for developing and writing a story quickly is to model the main character after yourself, and that’s what I did here. The protagonist of Long Way Home shares some geographical history and other details with me (saying more would be spoilers, I think), but he was his own person right from the start.

Q. If I don’t like it, can I get my money back?

A. Sure. You’ll have to see Amazon’s site for specifics, but I believe that all Kindle books come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it, go to the Amazon page where you manage content and devices, find the book at the top of your Kindle content, and return it. I’ve returned some stinkers myself.

Q. Will you be doing more of these?

A. Most definitely. This was fun to write, and I think it turned into a powerful story that is quick to read but packs a wallop.

Q. What do I do if I like it?

A. First, write a nice review (it doesn’t have to be long) and post it on Amazon. Then, tell all your friends.

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Second Wind E-Book Improved and Available Again

 [Cover of Second Wind: An Anthology by T.F. Torrey] After a hiatus while some of its individual stories were being promoted, Second Wind is back on the market.

Also, in keeping with my new following of Robert A. Heinlein and Dean Wesley Smith, I have added several stories that I chickened out of including the first time. The new volume is complete as originally intended.

Second Wind is an eclectic collection of 48 short stories, with themes running the gamut of silly, absurd, fun, clever, ironic, creepy, supernatural, spooky, and sentimental.

Read more on its page or get it now at these booksellers:

Taxi Adventure E-Book Published and FREE Thursday through Sunday

 [Cover of Taxi Adventure: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] Taxi Adventure, the story of how a taxi driver changed the fate of himself, his girlfriend, his company, and his state, all in the space of 24 hours, while making friends in the comedy and porn industries and helping inspire other drivers to reach for their driams, is finally here!

And from Thursday through Sunday, it is FREE at Amazon. Have a fun read for free this weekend, and tell your friends.

Zombies Versus Comicon E-Book Published

 [Cover of Zombies Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] After two years of languishing in the back of my notes and twelve days of long hours and intense effort, my new novel is here: Zombies Versus Comicon. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be trapped in an underground level of the Convention Center, after hours, unable to communicate with the outside world and hunted by a horde of brain-hungry zombies, this book will answer that question for you. It’s brand new, 53,000 words, and a lot of fun. You should get it at Amazon right now.

Above The Field Of Buttercups E-Book Available

 [Cover of Above The Field Of Buttercups: A Short Story by T.F. Torrey] “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, my science fiction short story about the big questions of death, afterlife, knowledge, and technology, is now available for 99 cents at Amazon and many other places.

Halfway across the field, the three men stopped suddenly, their attention focused straight ahead. A glimmer of silver rose silently from behind the trees. As it rose, it became the rounded leading edge of a metal ring, turning slowly on thin spokes around a black hub. This was one of the G4 space stations, one of those in the lower orbits that were more expensive, but that let its occupants feel more connected to Earth. Larger and larger it grew, until it appeared twice as wide as the full moon. They could see, or thought they could, the gray rectangles of steel buildings along the inside edge of the disc. Even at this distance, tiny checkerboard patterns of crops were visible, tiny squares of tan and green.

“Hey, Sammy,” said the weasel-faced man in the middle quietly. “Do you think there’s a heaven?”

The gray-eyed lean man refused to make eye contact. “Shut up, Frankie,” he said.

Jim Sallis, author of many fine things including the novel Drive, which became the movie Drive, loved “Above The Field Of Buttercups”, and you will, too. Be sure to get it today!

The Dancing Queen E-Book Now Available

It took a long time to get here, but I always knew this day would come. It is my pleasure to announce that today, more than a decade after writing the first pages, The Dancing Queen is ready to read, for sale now at Amazon. Wow!

The Dancing Queen follows the tribulations of Jack Trexlor as he works at topless bar, falls in love with a dancer, and uses his motorcycle for illegal escapades. Few will be surprised to learn that this is a recipe for epic disaster. I am very happy with how it turned out, and I’m psyched to have it available.

Before you run off and dive into the text, however, let me warn you that The Dancing Queen is not a carefree romp through the Phoenix of 1991. This is Jack’s story from his point of view, and he holds little back. If you’re turned off by sex and drugs and rock and roll, this is not the book for you.

On a fun note, this book really emphasizes the unreliable narrator aspect present in all the Crazy Jack Trexlor books. The story is not an attempt at objective truth, per se, and it isn’t even Jack in the moment; it is Jack telling the story of what happened from a later date (the present tense at the beginning and end). As such, it is colored on two levels: first, obviously, Jack is slanting the story of the events into the larger narrative of his life, but also in his description of what it was like in the moment, he is limited by what he thought was true, and what he thinks happened is not always what really happened. Some of these are more obvious, for instance, Jack’s troubles with his father. Others are more subtle. For instance, why did Shayla leave? who got Brandy the job at Sally’s? What really happened between Brandy and Rico? And what was Raven thinking in Chapter 1? Hint: Jack totally missed it.

Today, The Dancing Queen is available at Amazon for the special release price of 99 cents. This is short notice for weblog readers, but my newsletter subscribers have enjoyed early access at the special price all weekend. Guess what you should do.

Also, The Dancing Queen is participating in the Kindle Unlimited program, so if you’re a member of Amazon’s all-you-can-read program (as I am), you can read this book for free. How can you beat that?

One final note: right up until the final upload, every time I incorporated changes from proofreading, I made more changes. In the end, I may have introduced some new errors. ~~If~~ When you find typos in The Dancing Queen (or any of my things), please let me know right away.

This is a very happy day. The first trilogy of Jack Trexlor books is finally done. Yay! If you haven’t read them yet, I might suggest starting at the chronological beginning with The Crazy Jack, then reading The Desert King, and finally The Dancing Queen. The books stand alone just fine, but some parts reference parts in other books, and those work better if you encounter them in order. One question you’ll probably have at the end of The Dancing Queen, if you’ve read the other two books, is: Wait a second! Is that the same two guys from the other two books? Has it really been them this whole time, coming to this end? And the answer is yes, it was them every time. Cool, right?

Now, I’m off to work finishing Taxi Adventure, which is completely different in almost every way except being a good read. I expect to have that complete in the next two weeks. Don’t fall behind, get busy with Jack today!

This is a great day.