Allan Gurganus on Fear of Sex in Fiction

The New Yorker has a very interesting interview with Allan Gurganus, author of the new book Local Souls. Gurganus is of the opinion that modern fiction treats sex the way it was treated by movies in the 1950’s, where you have the buildup to the event, then you skip ahead to afterward. He further believesContinue reading “Allan Gurganus on Fear of Sex in Fiction”

A New Model for Books of Short Stories

Readers will recall that I’ve been promising a new book of short stories for a while now. Well, in truth, I’ve not only been working on it, I’ve been struggling with it. My plan from the beginning has been to write short stories sometimes, then to occasionally collect them into books. Now, though, I haveContinue reading “A New Model for Books of Short Stories”

The Desert King Now On Kindle

The Desert King, my novel of dark adventure in the bright Arizona desert, is now available in a fine Kindle edition. And for now, it joins the ranks of the other books clamoring for attention at 99 cents—a fantastic bargain! And for those who want their books in paper editions, print edition of The DesertContinue reading “The Desert King Now On Kindle”