Zombies Versus Comicon FREE extended through Tuesday

My domain registrar was attacked over the weekend, which delayed notice of the sale on Zombies Versus Comicon, so I’ve decided to extend the free period for Zombies Versus Comicon through Tuesday. The book has turned out to be popular on the free charts at Amazon, so please tell your friends about it, and let’sContinue reading “Zombies Versus Comicon FREE extended through Tuesday”

Zombies Versus Comicon FREE This Weekend

It’s time for the event formerly known as Phoenix Comicon again, and Vampires Versus Comicon is hot off the presses. To celebrate, I’m making Zombies Versus Comicon, my absurd horror story of brain-hungry zombies attacking a bunch of nerds at Phoenix Comicon, FREE through Sunday, only at Amazon. Read the original adventure where a freakContinue reading “Zombies Versus Comicon FREE This Weekend”

Flash Sale: Angel of Death Ebook 99 Cents 2/20 Until Midnight

The Amazon KDP Select terms limit the time available for promotions, and the term is coming to a close, and because of the schedule, I need to end this term with a flash sale on Angel of Death. As you may recall, Angel of Death continues Victor Storm’s journey, following the action as he slowlyContinue reading “Flash Sale: Angel of Death Ebook 99 Cents 2/20 Until Midnight”

The Dancing Queen E-Book 99 Cents 2/10 – 2/16

A long time ago, I listened to “Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring, and the lyrics of a “double-crossed messenger” “somewhere in a lonely hotel room” at “2 AM” spoke to me. I wanted to write that story. Around the same time, the lyrics of “Brandy” by Looking Glass spoke to me, and I wanted toContinue reading “The Dancing Queen E-Book 99 Cents 2/10 – 2/16”

Taxi Adventure E-Book 99 Cents 1/30 – 2/5

Weird. I didn’t think of Taxi Adventure as a time capsule when I was writing it. However, the television lineup always changes, and some of the celebrities mentioned in the book are no longer on television here (that I know of), and even the television station talked about is has been bought out by another.Continue reading “Taxi Adventure E-Book 99 Cents 1/30 – 2/5”

The Desert King 99 Cents 1/23 – 1/29

When I was writing The Desert King, decades ago now, I had a mystical experience. Basically, I asked the future me to, if writing The Desert King was the right pursuit for me, give me a sign. Which I immediately got. I mean immediately. So, I buckled down and finished it. Alas, The Desert KingContinue reading “The Desert King 99 Cents 1/23 – 1/29”

Zombies Versus Comicon 99 Cents Through Sunday 1/22

Here we go. I’ve committed to a massive action to kick off my 2017, beginning with completing Vampires Versus Comicon quickly and now. That book references the action in Zombies Versus Comicon quite a bit, so if you’re not into spoilers, and you haven’t read Zombies yet, you should get to it. And right nowContinue reading “Zombies Versus Comicon 99 Cents Through Sunday 1/22”

The Crazy Jack E-book 99 Cents This Week at Amazon

Maybe with all the preposterous things going on in the world you’d enjoy a story about someone else in a dire dilemma. If so, you’re in luck this week, because until Monday my Jack Trexlor Novel The Crazy Jack is discounted to 99 cents at Amazon. In this brooding and dark story, Jack tries toContinue reading “The Crazy Jack E-book 99 Cents This Week at Amazon”

Second Wind E-Book FREE Until Sunday

It’s a new year, and things are, you may have noticed, an order of magnitude crazier than usual. If, like me, you’re finding it hard to devote long pieces of time to anything, I may have just the thing for you. My latest anthology, Second Wind, is FREE until Sunday. The stories are a mixContinue reading “Second Wind E-Book FREE Until Sunday”