WIP: Simplicity Again (Redux)

Every once in a while, I look around and think, how did I get here? Monday Late night, tired morning. Need to fix that. It was my daughter’s first day of half kindergarten, half first grade. I got a lot of good work (I think) in during the day, then spent well over two hoursContinue reading “WIP: Simplicity Again (Redux)”

WIP: Changes Going Forward

Friday I had my regular marketing meeting today, and it was productive as always. I talked out the changes I have in mind for this website, and it all seems like a good idea. Over the weekend I plan to evaluate the options and perhaps to take the first steps to set up the infrastructureContinue reading “WIP: Changes Going Forward”

WIP: Business and Spring Rains Reimagined

Thursday Wow. The business part of my writing business got pretty shaken today. What started as a reasonably simple idea to host my own reviews has really caused me to reconsider my business and website. I’ve realized that many of the assumptions I’ve been using to decide what to do are no longer valid. Times,Continue reading “WIP: Business and Spring Rains Reimagined”

WIP: Sidetracked … By Freedom of Speech

Wednesday In the morning, following through the momentum that started with looking into hosting own reviews, I got sidetracked looking into self-hosting my mailing list and adding the option of hosting my own sales. It wasn’t entirely a sidetrack. You could say that it is an essential thing to nail down before I move forward.Continue reading “WIP: Sidetracked … By Freedom of Speech”