Bibliomania 99 Cents This Weekend

As part of my outreach strategy, Bibliomania is now the free book readers get when they subscribe to my mailing list. Nevertheless, many people received a different free book for joining, and maybe some people who already got it would like to get it integrated with the system of their favorite reader. Or maybe someoneContinue reading “Bibliomania 99 Cents This Weekend”

WIP: Refreshing Bibliomania

Marketing meeting and tedious changes added up to low productivity, but on the bright side, new Bibliomania! Thursday As has become usual, I started my day with the Miracle Morning routine, and it felt great. We had to leave early for my regular business/marketing meeting, which was also great as always, so I didn’t getContinue reading “WIP: Refreshing Bibliomania”

Bibliomania Now Permafree

As part of my outreach strategy, Bibliomania, my story about a near future where paper books are illegal and DRM is mandatory, is going permanently free everywhere. It is already free at Kobo and Smashwords, and it will be free at Amazon after Barnes and Noble posts the new edition to their site and IContinue reading “Bibliomania Now Permafree”

Bibliomania 99 Cents Today and Tomorrow

Bibliomania, my novelette about a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed and DRM is mandatory, is 99 cents today and tomorrow at Amazon. It’s nearing the end of its term in KDP Select, and it may not be available at this sale price again for a long time, if ever, so make sure youContinue reading “Bibliomania 99 Cents Today and Tomorrow”

99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out

To celebrate the end of spring and the arrival of summer, this week ending Sunday, June 28th, I’m having a blow-out sale, with all my books available for 99 cents each. What a deal! And with their elegant new covers, they’re going like hot-cakes would if you slapped elegant new covers on them and markedContinue reading “99-Cent Spring/Summer Blow-out”

On Vomit, Outreach, Deadlines, And Reviews

I don’t think there’s anything per se that declares that you’ll have an unproductive day just because you were awakened by a little girl vomiting in your bed, but it seems to be a truism for me. And yes, when it happened today, it was not the first time, or the second. I’ve actually lostContinue reading “On Vomit, Outreach, Deadlines, And Reviews”