WIP: Kindergarten Arrives

This was the day I’ve been dreaming of—and fearing. Monday I rose early in the morning, almost at my target time. Did my miracle morning routine, then stopped everything to get my little girl off to her first day of kindergarten. It was seven years ago that I left a good-paying job to pursue full-timeContinue reading “WIP: Kindergarten Arrives”

WIP: Four Days To Go

Not long ago, the days were crawling past. They’re flying now. Thursday Again I worked late and rose late. I must stop doing that. Once I was up, I did my morning routine, did very little work, then got ready for the meet-the-teacher event at my daughter’s school. After that we went to get someContinue reading “WIP: Four Days To Go”

WIP: Five Days To Go

Today, more sad than excited. Wednesday I realized, in the evening after she was asleep, that this was the last day for me to be on all-day, primary, child-care duty. That makes me very sad. I love having a close relationship with her, and I hope that always continues. After I did my morning routine,Continue reading “WIP: Five Days To Go”

WIP: Seven Days To Go

My next phase kicks off in seven days. Monday Rose late and didn’t feel well-rested. This week’s challenge is to get back to rising early, a key component of my next phase. Did my morning routine, then got obsessed with website upgrades for a while. Vampires Versus Comicon Happy to say I made some goodContinue reading “WIP: Seven Days To Go”

WIP: Forward, Need Faster

I think I’m close. Saturday Another day of habits: sleep a little too late, miracle morning routine, off to run a poker tournament, home tired, relax and recharge with family, try to get something done. Angel of Death My proofing process broke down a while ago, so I’ve designed a new process that will beContinue reading “WIP: Forward, Need Faster”

WIP: Proofreading and New Plugin

Things were going pretty well, then I checked my e-mail and things went awesome. Wedesday The waking up early part isn’t working for me, but the Miracle Morning routine is. It brings a clarity and focus and kickstart to my days that’s really amazing. At night, I’m finding myself eager to get to sleep, andContinue reading “WIP: Proofreading and New Plugin”

WIP: Adventures In Proofreading

On the whole, it was a pretty good day—much better than has been my normal. But it shined light on a weak link and made wonder about some new questions. Tuesday On most Tuesdays, my daughter spends the day with my wife’s mother, who has the day off. Today, however, my mother-in-law was experiencing someContinue reading “WIP: Adventures In Proofreading”