Zombies Versus Comicon – The Screenplay

One of T.F. Torrey’s screenplays

Doesn’t this sound cool?

Comicon. After hours. Underground. Trapped. With real zombies.

A garbageman leads a misfit group at a nerd convention to survive when a freak earthquake traps them underground with a horde of brain-hungry zombies.

A perfect low-budget feature film

  • 6 featured actors (3 male, 3 female)
  • 17 total actors, plus extras and zombies
  • Limited crowd scenes
  • Most scenes set in typical commercial settings: big room, elevator, hallway, stairway
  • Built-in audience of tens of thousands of Phoenix Comicon goers, hundreds of thousands of general Comicon (and Comic-Con) goers, and millions of zombie fans
  • Book and script constructed in universal story structure for optimal flow in both formats
  • Author willing to work for zero up-front money just because this would be an awesome, fun project!

Full Synopsis

Humble garbageman Vance Campbell is earning passes for his wife and daughter by working as a cashier at the local nerd convention when an earthquake literally shakes things up. His energetic supervisor ropes him into making a big cash deposit in order to get a ride with a pair of feuding celebrities, but when the elevator conks out, thirteen souls find themselves trapped in the mezzanine level, completely alone—except for the recently deceased, who have somehow gotten back on their feet and acquired a taste for human brains. Now, Vance and the crew will have to overcome their personal fears and grievances and fight through a growing horde of undead to reach the opposite stairway, and they’ll have to do it before they get locked in for the night—and before the horrors of the mezzanine level find the exit first.



The light rail train comes to a stop, and the doors open, revealing VANCE CAMPBELL, 38, strong but out of his element. He grimaces slightly, then sets his jaw and steps off the light rail train onto the platform and into a mob of convention-goers, most of them dressed as ZOMBIES. He pulls his daughter, CLAIRE CAMPBELL, 4 by the hand behind him. His wife, TABITHA CAMPBELL, 34, smiling with excitement, follows, holding Claire’s other hand. On the platform, Vance scoops Clair up into his arms and kisses her on the forehead. She presses into him and squeezes her arms tightly around his neck.


Don’t worry, honey. Zombies aren’t real.

Claire turns her gaze bravely back to the zombies, but still holds tightly to his neck.

Vance surveys the scene in front of him: a crowd of happy zombies stomping and lurching in the bright Friday sun of Phoenix, Arizona, visitors with badges in lanyards around their necks, a few unfortunate locals struggling against the throngs, and police officers on the corners directing the whole mass of humanity across the street to the Convention Center for this year’s Comicon. Vance glances back to make sure his wife was still with him.


I’m here. Lead the way.

Vance leads them through the crowd across 3rd Street and toward the far entrance to the Convention Center.


Why did they have to make the entrance so far away? Why didn’t they just use these doors?


I don’t know, but if the crowds are like this today, I can’t imagine what they’ll be like tomorrow.

A pair of zombies with particularly bloody face make-up pass by close to them. Claire wriggles and presses herself against Vance more tightly.


Zombies aren’t real. It’s just people wearing masks and makeup.


(Not loosening her grip)

It’s pretend?


That’s right, honey.

They pass a line of colorful food trucks parked on the street, long lines in front of each. Vance is tempted by the aromas, but put off by the prices posted.

Beyond the food trucks are a variety of other show vehicles, replicas of vehicles from famous movies like the DeLorean from Back to the Future, the hearse from Ghostbusters, maybe more.

Next are a dune buggy and two jeeps decked out like Mad Max vehicles with machine guns, gun racks, axes, and other weapons. On their sides are logos: Zombie Defense Crew. Beside the dune buggy is a man who looked to be in his mid-thirties and having a good time. He had a bushy mustache, and he wore dark sunglasses beneath a floppy hat and tan desert camouflage festooned with bandoleers of shotgun shells.

Claire perks up at the sight of the vehicles.


Guns, Daddy.


(Looking at the guns)

They’re not real, either, honey. You can tell by the ...

(Looks closer)


(Looks back at Tabitha a quizzical frown)

Those are good fakes.


In the event of a zombie outbreak, try to get behind these vehicles.

(Smiles showing teeth)

Because the bastards aren’t getting past us.


The Zombies Versus Comicon script is nearing completion, and has not been claimed yet. If you are a filmmaker interested in making an interesting and potentially lucrative film on a shoestring with maximum fun, get in contact with me right away!

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