In addition to books, I’m also writing screenplays adapted from my books and stories. My ultimate goal? An Academy Award, baby. What else? That may sound trite, but it’s a reminder to me that, above all else, my first task is to produce things worth reading.

Feature Films

Because I use the optimal universal story structure for my books, all of them should easily translate to film. I’m in the process now of creating adaptations for each of my books, beginning with those with the highest screen entertainment value and lowest estimated production costs. If you’re interested in a script for a book that isn’t listed here, please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page.

Coming soon: Zombies Versus Comicon

From the start, the book project was organized to be a relatively simple project that could be produced quickly, and those traits will also make it perfect for a low-budget film. Find out more about the hypothetical film project here and the book project here.

In development: The Dancing Queen

I’m also working on a film project based on my Jack Trexlor novel The Dancing Queen. Soon, hopefully, I’ll have something to show, and a way for my readers to help bring it to fruition. It’s going to be cool.

Short Films

Soon, I’ll be making screenplays from some of my short stories. I want to have some simple scripts to use for practice in animation and film projects with my daughter, and I will make them available for others to use as well. In time, I’d like to have a good selection of short films, open to any who want to use them.


I wrote this several years ago beginning with the prompt: unusual weapon. It turned out fun, and it might be interesting to produce. Also, there is a computer-generated read-through of the script, which is interesting. Check it out.

Want something else?

If you’d like to see a script for a book or story not listed here, of if you’d like to talk to me about an adaptation of something else or a completely original idea, please use this handy form to get in touch with me. I can work very quickly, and I value interesting projects more than money.