The Desert King Now On Kindle

The Desert King, my novel of dark adventure in the bright Arizona desert, is now available in a fine Kindle edition. And for now, it joins the ranks of the other books clamoring for attention at 99 cents—a fantastic bargain! And for those who want their books in paper editions, print edition of The DesertContinue reading “The Desert King Now On Kindle”

Winter Kills Now On Kindle

Winter Kills, my novella revealing the circumstances that drove Victor Storm to embrace vigilante justice, is now available in a fine Kindle edition. At just 99 cents it’s a great bargain. For those of you who love paper, the print edition of Winter Kills is now available through Amazon for a mere $7.99. At theseContinue reading “Winter Kills Now On Kindle”

Harry Potter and the Self-Published, DRM-Free eBook

Wow. For a long time, J.K. Rowling has resisted letting the Harry Potter series be published as ebooks, allegedly because she was worried about “piracy” (not a useful term). Now, in a major turnaround, she is not only bringing the entire series out as ebooks, she is self-publishing them, and she is releasing them DRM-free.Continue reading “Harry Potter and the Self-Published, DRM-Free eBook”

Record Company Accounting Coming To Publishing

Bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith has raised an interesting warning about how agents might be turning on authors and bring to publishing the kind of record company accounting that has long been the bane of musicians. His advice for avoiding this minefield: Do it yourself. Yes, you might have to learn a few new things,Continue reading “Record Company Accounting Coming To Publishing”