Allan Gurganus on Fear of Sex in Fiction

The New Yorker has a very interesting interview with Allan Gurganus, author of the new book Local Souls. Gurganus is of the opinion that modern fiction treats sex the way it was treated by movies in the 1950’s, where you have the buildup to the event, then you skip ahead to afterward. He further believesContinue reading “Allan Gurganus on Fear of Sex in Fiction”

Elizabeth Gilbert on The Horror of Great Success

I stumbled across this interesting TED talk where Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, describes how the “freakish” success of that book has forced her to face the near certainty that her best work is behind her, and also filled her with fears that she has to live with every day. She comes acrossContinue reading “Elizabeth Gilbert on The Horror of Great Success”

My Print Books Going Out Of Print

As I wrote before, I’m cultivating a new, radical simplicity for my writing (and my life, but that’s another matter). With that, I’ve decided to focus for the time being on e-books. I’m about to reveal new, streamlined e-book editions of my existing books, as well as all-new books. One great thing about e-books isContinue reading “My Print Books Going Out Of Print”

A New Model for Books of Short Stories

Readers will recall that I’ve been promising a new book of short stories for a while now. Well, in truth, I’ve not only been working on it, I’ve been struggling with it. My plan from the beginning has been to write short stories sometimes, then to occasionally collect them into books. Now, though, I haveContinue reading “A New Model for Books of Short Stories”

Embracing Radical Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity is complicated. For a long time, I’ve been trying to simplify my affairs, including my writing process. Somewhere along the way, it seemed that the simplest route for my writing was for me to do all the things I could, which meant the writing of course, and also creating covers, creating the ebooks,Continue reading “Embracing Radical Simplicity”