WIP: Friday Spinning Wheels

Hey, wow—a shiny thing. Friday There are books that I have written but not published. For a long time, I’ve thought of making them public. This week, I came up with a really good reason to publish them and more like them, and I could do it soon. It would mean some changes to theContinue reading “WIP: Friday Spinning Wheels”

WIP: Last Bad Saturday

It was a typical Saturday. That’s the problem. Saturday Woke late. Partial morning routine. Family stuff. Had to run a poker tournament. Came back wiped out. Rested. Got a little work done late, but should have just slept. Tomorrow will be a little better, and Monday and the rest of the week will rock. NextContinue reading “WIP: Last Bad Saturday”

WIP: Hard To Work

That guy sure is a good con man. 15% of the country can’t see it. At all. Friday Morning routine. Daughter to school. Lots of good work before being distracted. Distraction of the day decade Today, of course, one of the worst possible things happened. The wealthiest 1% managed to seize illegitimate control of myContinue reading “WIP: Hard To Work”