The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Through Monday

Today brings the second half of this week’s “two-fer” promotion, The Crazy Jack. It’s like angst and noir had a baby, named him Jack, and threw him off a cliff. Then he climbed back up, screamed at the world, and picked up a knife and a blow torch. Get it for 99 cents through MondayContinue reading “The Crazy Jack 99 Cents Through Monday”

Second Wind E-Book Improved and Available Again

After a hiatus while some of its individual stories were being promoted, Second Wind is back on the market. Also, in keeping with my new following of Robert A. Heinlein and Dean Wesley Smith, I have added several stories that I chickened out of including the first time. The new volume is complete as originallyContinue reading “Second Wind E-Book Improved and Available Again”

Writing In Private

At the beginning of August I noted that I had found great wisdom in Dean Wesley Smith’s posts about following Robert Heinlein’s rules for writing and a great many other aspects of the business and pleasure of writing books. Smith writes a daily blog post in a series he calls “Writing In Public”, in whichContinue reading “Writing In Private”

Taxi Adventure E-Book Published and FREE Thursday through Sunday

Taxi Adventure, the story of how a taxi driver changed the fate of himself, his girlfriend, his company, and his state, all in the space of 24 hours, while making friends in the comedy and porn industries and helping inspire other drivers to reach for their driams, is finally here! And from Thursday through Sunday,Continue reading “Taxi Adventure E-Book Published and FREE Thursday through Sunday”

Bibliomania 99 Cents Today and Tomorrow

Bibliomania, my novelette about a dystopian future where paper books are outlawed and DRM is mandatory, is 99 cents today and tomorrow at Amazon. It’s nearing the end of its term in KDP Select, and it may not be available at this sale price again for a long time, if ever, so make sure youContinue reading “Bibliomania 99 Cents Today and Tomorrow”

Larry Harrison’s Night Shift Free August 3-7

My short story “Larry Harrison’s Night Shift” is free August 3rd through August 7th at Amazon. The action follows the night auditor at the hotel as he works to overcome difficult guests, unhappy staff, and his own mis-steps to get through another typical night at a job he loves. It’s a quick read, and it’sContinue reading “Larry Harrison’s Night Shift Free August 3-7”