Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel

Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel
Series: Comicon, Book 2
Genres: Horror, Science Fiction
Publication Year: 2018
Length: novel
ASIN: B07D98XH18

When shell-shocked Vance Campbell returns to Comicon to accept an award, he's promised there will be no zombies. No one mentioned the vampires, because no one knew they were coming.

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About the Book

Creatures of the Night!

Still haunted by the horrors of the previous year, humble garbageman Vance Campbell agrees to return to Comicon with his wife and daughter for an awards luncheon. At first, the ban on zombie themes, the heightened security, and the joyful reunions with Allison Campbell and the other survivors put him at ease. When people start collapsing with actual bites on their necks, however, the year’s omnipresent vampire theme starts feeling all too real. Now, Vance finds himself tying to figure out what’s going on while fighting staff that insults him, security that dismisses him, and a growing horde of real vampires that want to drink his blood. If he and Allison can’t solve the crisis before nightfall, Comicon will be destroyed, and the vampires will escape and devour the city—starting with Vance’s wife and daughter.

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