A New Era

So, our country has arrived at a turning point. I suppose it’s a happy day for the roughly 20% of eligible voters that voted for Trump and the 1% of the wealthiest Americans for who will benefit from the Republican policies. For the rest of us, however, at a minimum we are deeply embarrassed in front of the world, and we’ll be damn lucky if he doesn’t kill us all. None of the pomp and ceremony changes the fact that Trump has no interest in helping anyone but himself, no real idea what the job of President involves, and not a shred of the self-awareness needed to realize how far in over his head he is. What a mess.

Despite the very real danger, however, there is something of an opportunity. If Hillary Clinton were being inaugurated today, most Progressives in this country would have gone back to sleep, the way they did under Obama. The truth is, however, a Democrat in the White House alone simply isn’t enough to bring about positive change. Hillary Clinton’s policies were not very progressive in the first place, but any effort to implement them would have been completely stymied by the Republicans controlling the rest of the government, the way Obama’s mildly progressive proposals were.

The Republican Party’s policies truly only benefit the 1% of the country’s wealthiest people. Many others like their policies that hurt people such as the LGBTQ population, but despite their glee, hurting other people doesn’t actually help you at all. Nonetheless, the propaganda of the 1% has been able to fool another 19% or so of the rest of the country into embracing their policies, in spite of the fact that it’s against their self-interest.

The result is that every branch of government, in almost every state, is under the control of the party of the 1%: the Republicans.

However, while it can appear to be an insurmountable majority, it looks very fragile to me.

1% of the vote won’t win an election, of course, and even adding the 19% of the people that they’ve tricked only gets them to 20%, and 20% of the vote is not enough to win elections. It has been enough to get close enough to steal elections, and to use those wins to gerrymander districts and set up voter suppression laws to steal more elections and expand their power. But that can’t last forever.

If those idiots get too greedy and hurt too badly the 19% they’ve managed to fool, or if their idiocy motivates the ~40% of the voters who normally stay home to turn out and vote against them, or if Progressives can focus and rally more votes than can be suppressed or thrown away, the 1% and their Republican puppets will lose their seats. And if all of those things happen, they will lose completely and quickly.

And from where I’m sitting, all of those things look likely to happen.

And if it does, in just a few years we will be miles ahead of where we would have been had Hillary Clinton been inaugurated today.

Trump is a dangerous idiot, but his inauguration might actually bring about positive change, and quickly, despite his intentions.

As long as he doesn’t kill us all first.

Stay focused, friends.