Winter Sale: Winter Kills E-Book FREE and Angel of Death HALF PRICE

Winter is here! My world has been shaken, and it’s taken some time, but I’m finally getting things back in order. Today, I’m restarting the weekly promotions with a double special on Victor Storm books: Until Monday, Winter Kills is FREE, and Angel of Death is marked down to $2.99. Just in time for the holidays!

Victor Storm #1: Winter Kills

 [Cover of Winter Kills: A Victor Storm Novella by T.F. Torrey]
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Winter Kills marked Victor Storm’s first appearance in book form, as a random act of terrible violence shattered his world and set him on the path to become a vigilante. This has been one of my most popular books, and this is your chance to get it for free and find out why.

Victor Storm #2: Angel of Death

 [Cover of Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey]
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Angel of Death continues Victor Storm’s journey, following the action as he slowly comes to realize that he has a unique ability to bring justice, and the moral obligation to do it. As Victor figures out who he is and what he is doing, we see his world expand to include the things that will twist and develop and build into the problems of later books in the series. Don’t miss it at this great price!

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