WIP: A Good Day For Vampires

But not for Trump.


Off to a good start. Morning routine, daughter off to school. Spent too much time distracted by Trump’s debate debacle, but what are you going to do. Had my daughter to myself for the evening, but managed to get back to work after getting her to bed, then worked very late.

Vampires Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] I had a good day with this book. I didn’t quite make pulp speed, but I got back on track, and I feel good about the next few days, though I’m not sure what will happen. A while back I noted that I had the plot worked out for this book. I was wrong about that. Looking at my notes now, I see that I have two incompatible plots for this part of the book. In addition, my sense of what happens may be different from either of them. No matter. Tomorrow I will figure out what is right and keep on writing.

Now, though, I sleep.