WIP: Where. Are. The. Vampires?

Okay, so I’m way behind. Again.


It was pretty much a new-normal day: start with morning routine, take the little girl to the school bus, work, lunch, work, get the little girl, homework, dinner, bath, more work. Except also with a major grocery run in there.

Vampires Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] I did not get the words I wanted to done today, because I had reached a dilemma: I had been working toward two different events that I realized were contradictory: a victim was both going missing and also attacking someone. So, I had to backtrack through the story and look ahead at what I’ve got coming up to figure out what is really going on here. Then, because it’s the end of Part 1, I had to look at what that amounted to to figure out if there is enough drama and if the story still has the right balance. It took a lot of time and brainpower to be sure. Also, I was thinking maybe the story is boring and terrible. Dean Wesley Smith has said (and I think I cited him as saying before) that it’s pretty standard to have these thoughts creep in at about this point in writing a book. The only solution is to keep writing.

While I was trying to figure things out with Vampires, I looked ahead to My Dad and Me and Jack Swilling and Secret Project #1. I have much more done for the secret projects than for My Dad and Me. Maybe I will have to write these in tandem. At any rate, it is good to be able to switch to another project when you get stuck on one.

The real point is to rack up the words, which I didn’t today. I topped out under a thousand words, which is way off the mark. I need to crank this up.

I still believe.