WIP: Sunday, Better Sunday

When the standard has become no forward movement on the weekends, even a little progress feels like a great day.


Got the day to a good start. Went to Sunday School orientation at UUCP. Visited my parents. Got some work done. Ran a poker tournament. Relaxed. To bed early. Prepared for good week.

Vampires Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] I seem to have reached the point in the work where the words flow when I am at the keyboard. It’s interesting, because the characters want to do things on their own, and things happen that I didn’t see coming, and it feels as much like I am observing the story as creating it.

I didn’t get as much done on this story this weekend as I had hoped, but nonetheless, I am in a good position.

I will finish this book this week.

Secret Project #3

 [Cover of Secret Project #3: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] Today is September 11th. Fifteen years ago today, well, everything changed. The events of that day are central to the plot of the book I’m currently calling Secret Project #3. And then it gets even bigger. I can’t wait to get to the writing of this book. It might be a stupendous success. It could also, however, be a crippling failure. At this point, however, I don’t know how to not do it.

So, I hope it turns out well. We’ll see soon.