WIP: Geared Up for the Challenge

Let’s get this thing rolling.


Another regular day. Did my morning routine, did some work. Wednesdays are the short days at my daughter’s school, and we were by ourselves again for the afternoon and evening, so that time did not go to writing. In the evening, however, I was able to get some work done.

Challenge First Steps

I want the first chapters of each book done pronto, but I also like having the basic framework in place so that writing fills the book, so I spent a couple hours of work to accomplish that. On one hand, doing this strikes me as busywork at best, and a waste of time at worst, but on the other hand, I like having the books established and filling up with words. It interesting to me that these projects, most of which have been in development for several years, are finally coming into their final form.

From there I went to writing Vampires Versus Comicon. I got some good work done, but ran out of time before finishing a chapter. I have mentioned before how complicated it is weaving all the plot and subplot threads together just right at the beginning of this book, and I struggled with that again. I just need more butt-in-chair time to get past it.

All in all, a good day.

But I need much better to meet this challenge.