WIP: Sundays Are Still Busy

But it’s not as bad as I let on.


Up early, morning routine, time with daughter, off to services, up to visit parents, grocery shopping, dinner, ran a poker tournament, back late, wanted to get to bed early to get a fresh start in the morning.

If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice there was no real writing in there.

Work Ethic

I read a great post today on Dean Wesley Smith’s blog. The topic was making a living writing short fiction, which is interesting, although not specifically something I want to do right now. What I found most useful was his discussion of work ethic. His earning numbers pointed out how it is straight-up possible for a person to make a living by writing short fiction for an hour a day. An hour. He pointed out that many “writers” have trouble accepting that. He specifically said that a big problem for some writers was believing their own excuses.

That sounded like me.

No more.

Ya hear me?

No more.