WIP: The Great Migration

Budgeted: one hour. Spent: wow.


Again arose early-ish and did my morning routine. I’m pretty sure that would work better if I could turn the corner and fully work my morning plan. Rising “early-ish” seems to take away at least two hours of good productivity every day. I will change that this week.

Because my old web host was expiring in a few hours, my first task of the day was to migrate my website to the new host. I had slated that for one hour, because some of the work was already done, and it isn’t usually that much work in the first place. Unfortunately, the work was beset with little glitches, and it wound up taking all day. I had agreed to run a poker tournament in the evening, and the migration problems had demoted my website from a “scheduled maintenance” page to just a blank page during that time. I worked on it for several more hours after that, and by the time I went to sleep the server wasn’t responding at all, making the blank page look pretty good.

It stinks that I lost the whole day to the problems, but I recognize that if I was really working my morning plan I still would have gotten some good writing done.

I need to get on that.