WIP: Commitment and Gut Check

Decision, meet Gut Check.


Got a little extra rest today, so at least I didn’t feel exhausted all day. I went to my regular meeting in the afternoon, which ran long because we couldn’t stop rehashing the Trump meltdown and I couldn’t stop raving about Hamilton.

By today, I had made the decision (again) that, in order to maximize my production in this critical time until the end of the year, I would 1) keep my website on WordPress (and stop evaluating static alternatives), and 2) not get into the complexities of selling books or anything else from my own website. Further, I decided to use DreamHost’s DreamPress for my website, to maximize the presentation to visitors and readers and to minimize the maintenance involved.

And what happens when a protagonist decides to do something worthwhile? Immediately the universe throws up an obstacle, of course. It’s the “gut check” phenomenon I wrote about a few days ago. Migrating my website should have taken an hour, two at most. However, first my domain name was “stuck” or something in their system and I had to contact their support to get things to work. Then the installer got stuck, and support had left for the day, and it took me a while to be sure that I did not have the necessary access to fix the problem myself.


Angel of Death

 [Cover of Angel of Death: A Victor Storm Novel by T.F. Torrey] Once again, I did not make the progress I hoped for. I made some, though. This book feels like it gets into a good flow. My number one goal when I write a book is to make sure that I’m happy with it, and I’m happy with this one.

My number two goal, however, is to get it done quickly, with massive daily effort.

It feels like I have abundant room for improvement on that goal.