WIP: It’s That Time Again

Happy birthday to me!


Did the new regular-school-day morning, but it wasn’t a very productive day. I was tired during the work hours due to trouble adjusting to the new schedule. School gets out early on Wednesdays, and I’m planning those afternoons for special projects for Elizabeth and me. Today we made a birthday cake. In the evening we went to dinner, then to visit my parents. It was a nice day, but, alas, not a very productive one.

Plans for the new year

This will be a big year for me, maybe the biggest ever. I’ve been working toward this for a long time, and I knew what I want to do, and how. I have a good understanding of the business plans of many other writers and publishers, and I don’t know of any better than mine. Really. All the pieces are in place, and it’s go time. But, talk is cheap, and an ignorant person in my place could make the exact same claim with as much sincerity. I need to results to prove my claims.

First, though, I’ve got to get my sleep schedule adjusted.