WIP: Five Days To Go

Today, more sad than excited.


I realized, in the evening after she was asleep, that this was the last day for me to be on all-day, primary, child-care duty. That makes me very sad. I love having a close relationship with her, and I hope that always continues.

After I did my morning routine, I worked on my website, then we played house for a bit. I made dinner, and then it was time for bed (for her) again. I read her some stories, waited for her to fall asleep, then went to the office to see what was up with those screams.

Vampires Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] This story has problems. First, the chapters are running long. I wanted it to be about the same size as Zombies, but it seems to want to be longer. Also, there are a lot more characters than I realized in this book. In Zombies I was able to limit the cast by trapping everyone underground, but even then the cast got large. In this book, Vance and Allison are in the thick of Comicon, and there’s a lot going on, with a lot of people doing things. Finally, this plot is horribly complicated, mostly because some idiot (me) thought it would be cool if one of the activities at the new Comicon was a stage production of the zombie assault from the previous year. Sure, it’s cool, but what a twisted mess!

I need to get this done pronto, though. Kindergarten is arriving just in time to let me write like the wind.