WIP: So Many Secrets

For a series called Writing In Public, I sure have a lot hidden.


Started with the usual miracle morning routine, then got a little work done before heading off to run a poker tournament. Physically drained after that, but got energy back late for a very little work.


It is weird to me that I write a post every day called “Writing In Public”, but I keep the majority of my projects, plans, and ambitions shielded from public view. One reason I do that is because I learn things and change my mind sometimes, and it’s easy for anyone to confuse a plan with a promise. Another reason is that many or most successful people only project their current plan, regardless of the fact that their plans certainly change as much or more than mine do, because sharing the process of change can appear weak, indecisive, or insincere to ordinary people. Even in my own family, changing my plan creates a lack of confidence: If your last plan turned out to be not right, why should we believe this one is? Another reason is that to share plans is to invite criticism, and I simply don’t have time to respond to every random critic.

Nonetheless, sharing only the results gives the impression that the dots were connected going forward. They weren’t, and they never are, for me or for anyone. Success is a process of learning and evolving plans.

I wonder if the sharing of only the success is harmful to readers. It might give the impression that success depends on having the perfect plan and all the right parts at the start. It doesn’t. What produces success is doing the work every day, and neither learning nor planning substitute for it.

I might start making my plans and ambitions public here, because it has occurred to me that there might be benefits as well. Trying to do something big, like jumping from an airplane without a parachute and landing in a net, can attract attention, even if it fails. And sure, there will be critics, but there will be supporters, too. And with both success and failure amplified by the audience, the motivation to stay focused and get the work done right will be boosted as well.

So, maybe the time has come to share more real ambitions and plans. I’ll think about it.

But first I need to get the work done.