WIP: Hopefully Not Fooling Myself

I feel pretty optimistic for someone who isn’t getting much done.


Another broken day. I would like my miracle morning routine to go 90 minutes. Today it went ten, because I had to hurry. I spent the morning helping my parents with car problems, the afternoon buying school clothes and shoes for my daughter, and the evening on designated driver/childcare duty. In there, I managed to apply emergency maintenance to my e-mail (several hundred messages had disappeared), and some routine maintenance to the car, but not much in the “important but not urgent” quadrant. Late at night I was able to get a few words in for Vampires Versus Comicon, but Vance and the crew are at an important junction, and things have to work out right to make it a story, and I was very tired, so it didn’t go far.

I keep feeling as though breakout success is inevitable and imminent. I hope I’m not just fooling myself, because I can’t help but notice that every little thing seems to shut me down.

Tomorrow, I guess.