WIP: Feels Like A Gut Check

Maybe the universe has noticed.


The day started with the miracle morning routine, then I wasted some time online, then I had to spend 8+ hours making sure the emergency of Sunday was really handled. It seems to be.

The Gut Check

There is a common plot element in good stories that I call the “gut check”. (I use the logical style of punctuation marks at the end of quotes, even though most Americans use the opposite style, because I can’t bring myself to do the opposite of logical and I don’t know how anyone else can, either.) In most good stories, the hero or heroine decides to do accept the challenge of the story, and right away something arises to show the protagonist that the problem is much bigger than he or she thought, and to make him or her wonder whether he or she really has the guts to go through with this. Hence, gut check.

Every one of my book-length stories (novels, novellas, and novelettes) has this plot point. Every. Single. One.

The reason that this plot point is nearly universal in good stories is that it seems to happen in life, too. A situation comes up, you decide to do something, and as soon as you begin to try, WHAM!, something tries to smack you down. Maybe you get sick, or maybe someone who depends on you does. A big or small accident takes away your transportation. Anything, but something big immediately happens to try to smack you down and make you give up. That’s the gut check.

I have been witnessing this effect in my own life for the past 30 years. I noticed it at least 25 years ago, and I started preparing for it. Even more, I started measuring the worth of my ambitions by the size of the gut check. The universe does not push back against small or broken plans, because why bother?

This effect might be the single strongest piece of evidence I have seen for the existence of a higher power. Seriously.

Anyway, this week has felt like a gut check. I have big plans, and I think they will work, and the universe seems to have noticed.

Gut check.

I must be on to something.


Late at night, I got a little done on Vampires Versus Comicon. Watch out, universe, that thing is ready to take off.

Hopefully soon.