WIP: Forward, Slowly

Another long day, typical except that I got something done.


As has been usual, the day started mid-morning, kicked off with my Miracle Morning routine, then focused on daddy-daughter time until sunset. Unfortunately, I still would rather neglect my writing than my little girl, and we got some letters practiced, games played, and little things done, but not much work. Late at night, however, I did get to turn my attention to the project “due” in 5 days.

Vampires Versus Comicon

 [Cover of Vampires Versus Comicon: A Novel by T.F. Torrey] I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted to or need to, but the characters were moving again (down a wrong path, it turned out, but whatever), and it felt great.

The characters are moving like I usually am. I thought it was just me!

Finally, I started the roll-out of the new covers for Vampires Versus Comicon and Zombies Versus Comicon. I think the new ones are a big improvement.

Ever upward.