WIP: Three Weeks To Go

I need to figure out a way to get my work done regardless, but even if I can’t, I will get my work time back in three weeks.


The first part of the day progressed as a usual day with my daughter: Miracle Morning, some work, try to get her to practice her letters to be ready for kindergarten.

Writing Process Work

In the morning, however, I did some work on book covers, testing an idea for an improvement. It did not turn out as I hoped, but the general idea worked into my current cover design, and I think it is a big improvement. I will work to get the improvements rolled out this week, including in print.

I also continued work on another improvement I started over the weekend (but didn’t mention), this one concerning my genre writing. I’ve been wondering how to make them be richer and feel more authentic, and I was struck by the Chris Fox’s advice in his book Write To Market. He suggested finding the tropes of a genre and having them in your mind while developing a book. The idea is not to copy them or use them as a checklist, but rather to be mindful of them and to let your brain build something with them in mind. Maybe that isn’t a good description of the process, but I’ve found it to be a good technique, similar to using real people as the bases for characters. In the end, they aren’t the real people, and usually aren’t even close to the real people, though they are derived from them, kind of. Anyway, the idea for genre elements is to know what they typically are for that genre, and I’ve found that TVTropes.org is a great source for more than you could ever want.

Black Lives Matter

In the evening, when I could have shut myself away and gotten some work done, we instead went to a meeting where the mayor of Phoenix, representatives of the police department, and other various other political leaders met with members of the Black Lives Matter organization. We were there to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

In general, my sense was that the government people were there to try to rationalize their operations and to pretend to listen to the protesters to make them go away. It looked to me like the police officers (who were white men) had to be armed and make a show of it to be comfortable around black people.

Early in the meeting, one of the organizers said essentially that the demonstrations have brought awareness to the problem, and so the point of the meeting was to begin to figure out what to do about it. What I heard from the police was that they instituted training programs some time ago, so there is nothing more to do. We heard from the mayor that the police were at the demonstrations to “protect” the protesters, which is an obvious lie: the police are at the demonstrations to control the protesters; you do not hit people with tear gas to protect them. I also heard from the mayor that he sees the hiring of more police officers as a big step toward a solution, which most clearly demonstrates that he does not understand the problem. When black people are killed by police officers at much higher rates than other races, the solution is not more police officers.

Following that meeting, we had a late dinner, and though I got some important computer maintenance finally done, my work day was shot.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.