WIP: Almost Done Wasting Time

Sounds good, but who do I think I’m kidding?


Saturdays have become busy days with little time for real work, and this one was no different: miracle morning, some time to get my head together and get the little girl ready for the day, off to run a poker tournament, great long talk with a friend, dinner, tired, trying to catch up, stayed up super-late working on e-mail.

I wanted to move on and get back to work, and by now I was familiar with both what I want and the capabilities of the static website solutions I’ve been considering, so I began ending my evaluation of ones that won’t work for me (without considerable effort). What I was left with was Nikola. Migrating to it would be very simple, though migrating back would be annoying. Now, the only question is whether I want to commit myself to the limitations of a static site. When that commitment yields more time for my real work, I think so, but I want to take some time to be sure.

What I really need, though, is to get some writing done.