WIP: Thinking Static (Again)

It feels like progress, but I have this nagging feeling that I’m spinning my wheels.


You have heard this one before: miracle morning, then spent the entire day and most of the night looking into migrating my website away from WordPress to a static system.

The thing is, having my website on WordPress costs me not only hosting money every month, but also time waiting for pages to load to work on the site or post things or do the daily upgrades, as well as the mental energy required to maintain and secure it. Using WordPress affords me certain benefits, so in a larger enterprise, such as one with the employees I mentioned yesterday that I don’t want to have, it is often worth it. But I have realized that I do not want to ever do those things, so I don’t think it is worth it.

So, I looked at the landscape of static website generators. When I checked it out several months ago, I couldn’t find any that would do what I want. My needs have evolved and clarified since then, however, and when I looked at it this time, I found several that might work, and one, Nikola. I will have to decide, but things are leaning that way.

This is nice, but I need to start getting my real work done first.