WIP: Thinking Clearly

Not much done, but something that feels like a breakthrough.


Pretty standard day: miracle morning, a little work done, business/marketing meeting, dinner, then very tired, sleep early(-ish).

I didn’t get much done on Vampires Versus Comicon, but in my regular business/marketing meeting I felt a moment of clarity. Most of the meeting went pretty straightforward, with discussions of different strategies, tactics, and WordPress plugins. Toward the end, however, I made a comment about having to figure out what we (individually) are trying to do, because we actually can do anything, and it would be easy to find ourselves enmeshed in commitments and wondering what we were doing there. To that, my friend pointed out that Pat Flynn advises budding entrepreneurs to really think about and imagine what kind of life they want to have when they have built their business, because building something you don’t really want is less than optimal. Right away, my friend and I were in agreement that we don’t want employees, and we don’t want business operations that will fall apart if we don’t work weekends, or if we take a day or a week or a month off for vacation.

For some reason, thinking of things that way felt like a breakthrough in my mind. For a while, I’ve been considering things like selling books off my website and creating memberships and subscriptions and contests and things like that. Most of these things would require a level of attention, probably daily, and for most of them I would need to be “on call”, basically, if people had problems. I don’t want to do that. The real meat of my business is write-publish-repeat. The value of contests and memberships and whatnot is debatable, but the mental and financial are very real.

So, it’s something to think about. If I’m not going to do those things, I can simplify my operations and my schedule. Interesting.

I do love simplicity and focus.