WIP: Work Paying Off

My work to set up a great process seems to be paying off.


A very good day: miracle morning, work on my tasks in my space, ran a poker tournament; writing life.

In the morning, I spent too much time re-evaluating my covers for more than the millionth time. Overall, I love my covers. I think they have a highly functional design that delivers precise information with superlative branding in a flexible and beautiful package. Sometimes, though, I think another design might be better, and sometimes I get ideas for small refinements that make major differences. Today was both of those times. In the end, my evaluation showed that my current design is still much better (for me, at least) than any known alternative, and some tweaks that I’ve been experimenting with are really good. I’ll implement the changes (there aren’t many) soon.

In the afternoon, I got some good work in on Vampires Versus Comicon. Some thorny problems in the opening were sorted out, at least for now, and the story is rolling again. I need to get this done soon.

Overall, a good day.